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Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional, fast growing organisation. The company is well known and respected globally as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency photovoltaic inverters and storage solutions.

Growatt offers a comprehensive range of solar inverters, from 1kW to 2.52MW, together with energy storage solutions for on and off-grid applications and smart home energy management solutions. As of early 2017, the company had 1200 employees. Growatt's inverters have thus far been exported to more than 100 countries throughout the world.

  • Legendary creativity in the inverter industry

    Growatt was founded in May 2010, with headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The company is famed for its 'Shenzhen Speed', having taken only 18 months to move from its foundation to become established as a popular supplier of smart inverters and it is also the only inverter company to receive direct investment from Sequoia Capital.

  •  Innovative supplier in the inverter market

    There are more than 150 Research and Development engineers working at Growatt, the majority of whom have more than 15 years experience in the inverter industry.  The R&D team have been responsible for the creation of more than 60 patents and manufacturing of the entire range of the company's inverters is based on advanced technology. The maximum efficiency of Growatt's three phase inverter is above 99% and it can be widely used in all types of scenario.

  • Modern manufacturer, quality first

    Growatt owns the most advanced, intelligent and fully automated production line to meet the explosive demand for inverters.  Quality is ensured by the most stringent QC system in the industry.

  • International  perspective

    Growatt owns more than twenty certifications globally, have sold massive amount of inverters to more than 100 countries in Australia, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa regions. For domestic market Growatt is one of the largest and well-known inverter manufacturers, its products have been widely used for individual and commercial solar scenarios.

  • Five star service, a new role model for the PV industry

    Growatt has a highly efficient pre- and post-sales team. It provides reliable technical and maintenance support for both domestic and global markets. The company is a pioneer in the provision of its Online Service System (OSS), which can diagnose and resolve inverter problems remotely. OSS has improved working efficiency by a significant 60% and is maximising levels of client satisfaction.

  • Honorable and well-known manufacturer

    With both overseas and domestic’s outstanding achievement, Growatt has won awards given by Chinese government like National Hi-Tech Technology company  and Famous Brand in Guangdong Province . Further Growatt has won titles awarded by medias like TOP 10 String inverters,The most Compatible Inverter company in China, The Best Individual Solar Inverter, The Best String Inverter Brand in China, The Most Influential Power Storage Company,Growatt has been a respectable company for many years.

  •            Client’s trust is our biggest motivation

    Growatt is the first inverter supplier for Jinko, Hanenergy, Chint,Trinasolar and Canadian solar, also is the long-term partner for Foxconn,Saic Motor,Eco Energie, MP Solar Group,AAE Absolute Advanced Energy,EU Solar Ltd.,the Green Planet Future Formers Co.,SIC USA and the Omnisun Group.

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